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Ashlea Components Quality Assurance


ISO 9001

Achieving certification for ISO 9001:2008 demonstrates our strong commitment to the continuous improvement of our business offering, and the quality of our management system.

This continual measurement of internal processes and the meticulous quality management system together with frequently making improvements to practices ensures you can be confident you are receiving the exceptional quality you depend on.

As a member of the of the E.R.A.I. (Electronic Resellers Association International) you can have complete piece of mind that we only source product from reputable suppliers, mitigating any risks involved.

The Counterfeit Issue

Counterfeiting activities can range from the most simple of remarking commodity devices to sophisticated and deliberate reprogramming of complex products to sabotage military equipment.

Despite government and industry initiatives to counter these threats, the risks remain real and significant. Companies that ignore the counterfeit issue, ignore the huge potential for significant financial liability and loss of reputation, if counterfeits penetrate through to production lines.

Allocations and long lead times are even forcing the largest franchised distributors to dabble in grey market sourcing to ensure their OEMs and CEMs are free from the perils of delayed procurement, empty shelves and stalled production lines. Therefore no-one is immune from the threat of acquiring counterfeit products.

To guarantee top quality products when sourcing from Asia, we employ an ISO9001:2008 approved test facility in China.

Ashlea Components’ strict governance on its supply chain, a very stringent research programme and the ability to offer testing facilities reduces these risks significantly. We are extremely proud of our reputation for delivering exceptional quality products.