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Value Added Services

Value Added Services

For a small fee we offer a number of value-add services which complement our core business provision :


We are able to offer a device programming service. The turnaround time is usually no more than 48 hours.


Ranging from the simplest of electrical tests, to more complex and comprehensive testing processes. To guarantee top quality products when sourcing from Asia, we employ an ISO9001:2008 approved test facility in China.


Whether your need is to remove devices from tape, or re-packaging surface mounted devices onto a reel, we can offer you the solution. All package styles can be accommodated using a standard carrier tape, or even if it requires a custom tape to be manufactured.


We understand that Kan-Ban and Just-In-Time are of paramount importance to your production line and so for this reason we are happy to retain buffer stock on scheduled requirements. Ask your Account Manager how simple it is to set in action