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Part No. Description Request
134-31M-250-AG Pin HeaderStrips, DIN 41617, 31 Pins, angled, RM 2.5, gold p Get Quote
153-006-1-50-10 ICSO INLINE PRI DIL oder SIL 2,54mm1X6P Get Quote
153-007-1-50-10 Precision Header, 007, 2.54mm, SRST, sleeve tin plated, F, 0 Get Quote
153-016-1-50-10 ICSO INLINE PRI DIL oder SIL 2,54mm1X16P Get Quote
153-022-1-50-10 ICSO INLINE PRI DIL oder SIL 2,54mm1X22P Get Quote
157-20-2-00 Female Header 2.54mm, Double Row, 20 Contacts, Get Quote
157-20-2-00-2 Female Header, 20pos, 2.54mm, DRST, gold plated, wave solder Get Quote
157026200 Female Header, 026pos, 2.54mm, DRST, gold plated Get Quote
165-201-10-00 STV STI/SO/LÖT JUMP 2,54mm Get Quote
165-301-10-00 STV STI/SO/LÖT JUMP 2,54MM M.GRIFFLASCHE Get Quote
169-16-3-50-00-BF ICSO INLINE PRI DIL 2,54mm 16P Get Quote
169-20-3-50-00 ICSO INLINE PRI DIL 2,54mm 20P Get Quote
169-28-6-50-00-BF ICSO INLINE PRI DIL 2,54mm 28P Get Quote
281-016-1-52-00 STV STI/SO/LÖT SOSTRIP 2,54mm 16P Get Quote
289-14-1-3-50 STV STI/SO/LÖT SOSTRIP 2,54MM 14P Get Quote
289-16-1-3-50 STV STI/SO/LÖT SOSTRIP 2,54MM 16P Get Quote
342-302-00 STV STI/SO/LÖT SOSTRIP 2,54mm 2x15P Get Quote
342-602-00 STV STI/SO/LÖT SOSTRIP 2,54mm 2X30P Get Quote
3490-10-3-00-00-ST STV STI/SO/LÖT SOSTRIP 2,54mm 2x5P Get Quote
5040-02-20-ST DIP Switch 2pos SMT raised actuator tube Get Quote
5531-09-20-TR ZIF Connector, SMT, Pitch 1,00mm, Horizontal Entry Get Quote
5531-16-20-ST ZIF Connector, 16 Contacts bottom, Horizontal Entry, Tubes Get Quote
6060-020-46-00-10-00-PPST STV STI/SO/LÖT SOSTRIP 1,27MM 2X10P Get Quote
6062-012-00-10-PPST Female Header 1.27 x 1.27, 012 pos, gold plated, w. locat pe Get Quote
6192325010ST FMHeader Strip 2.00, 032; DRSE; SMT; gold plated; w. Locatin Get Quote
622-016-2-80-00 STV STI/SO/LÖT SOSTRIP 2,54MM 2X8P Get Quote
7351-14-20-20-60-00-PPTR Pin Header Strip, 014pos, 2.54mm, DRST, SMD, 4.0/6.0, duplex Get Quote
7450-30-11-00-00-PPST STV STI/SO/LÖT STIFTLEISTE 2,0mm 2x15P Get Quote
9131-14-026-60-PPTR STV STI/SO/LÖT STIFTLEISTE 2,54mm 2x13P Get Quote
922-12-26-00 STV STI/SO/LÖT STIFTLEISTE 2,54MM 2X13P Get Quote

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