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WOLFSON Electronic Components


We have availablility for these products.

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Part No. Description Request
WM8213SCDS 16-Bit, 24MSPS 3-Channel AFE Get Quote
WM8214SCDS 16-Bit, 40MSPS 3-Channel AFE Get Quote
WM8521HC-6136-SOIC14-EV1 WM8521 Eval Board Get Quote
WM8590-6149-SSOP28-EV1 WM8590_6149_SSOP28_EV1 Get Quote
WM8593-6177-FT64-EV1 Get Quote
WM8711SEDS Get Quote
WM8727GED/V Get Quote
WM8731L-6061-FL28-M-S WM8731L MINI Eval board System Get Quote
WM8740-6054-DS28-EV1 WM8740 Eval Board Get Quote
WM8741GEDS/RV Get Quote
WM8750BL-6097-FL32-M-S Get Quote
WM8750BL-6097-FL32-M-S WM8750BL MINI Eval Board Get Quote
WM8786GEDS/V Get Quote
WM8804-6152-DS20-EV1 WM8804-6152-DS20-EV1 Get Quote
WM8804GEDS 1:1 Digital Interface Transcvr Get Quote
WM8805-6152-DS28-EV1 WM8805-6152-DS28-EV1 Get Quote
WM8805GEDS Get Quote
WM8960-6158-QFN32-EV1 Stereo COCEC EV Board Get Quote
WM8978-6160-FL32-M-S Get Quote
WM9705SEFT/V Stereo AC'97 Codec, T/P Inter. Get Quote
WM9712LGEFL/V Stereo AC'97 CODEC, Get Quote
WM9713LGEFL/V Stereo AC'97 CODEC, T/P Interf Get Quote
WM9715-AMR-EV1 WM9715 Eval Board Get Quote