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TOSHIBA Electronic Components

Toshiba Corporation is a world-leading provider and manufacturer of electronic and electrical products and systems. It was founded in 1875 and today controls a worldwide network of over 550 consolidated companies and employs approx 202,000 people.

Its European components business sector – TEE (Toshiba Electronics Europe) offers one of the industry’s most extensive range of IC and discrete product lines. These include microcontrollers, ASSPs, display products, ASICs and high-end memory products. In addition it also offers a broad range of power semiconductor solutions.

The Toshiba Group has an innovative and imaginative product offering to markets including automotive, home appliances, mobile, surveillance and industrial.

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Part No. Description Request
02CZ3.9X TE85L SMD Get Quote
100L6P41 Module Get Quote
100L6P43 Module Get Quote
1AZ300-XTPA2 Get Quote
1m*9SIMM9CHIP 80 N/S Get Quote
1S1555TP Get Quote
1S1585TPA1 Get Quote
1S1886 Get Quote
1Z30 Get Quote
1Z330TPA1 REEL Get Quote
2032THL-REV1 Get Quote
21-27705-03 PLCC Get Quote
27-5288-0 DIP Get Quote
2SA1162GR SMD Get Quote
2SA1618GR SMD Get Quote
2SC1815 TO92 Get Quote
2SC2120-O Get Quote
2SC2458 Get Quote
393AP DIP Get Quote
4116R-001-274 DIP Get Quote
42C40P1304 DIP Get Quote
42C40P1864 DIP Get Quote
42C60P5624 DIP Get Quote
47C101P DIP Get Quote
47C101PJ641 DIP Get Quote
47C201B DIP Get Quote
47C201PJ381 DIP Get Quote
47C203N DIP Get Quote

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