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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Electronic Components

Texas Instruments Inc (TI), considered one of the most ethical companies in the world, is a semiconductor designer and manufacturer based in the USA.

Founded in 1951, it started out manufacturing equipment for the defence and seismic industries, and in 1954 designed the first transistor radio. With the vision of a single TI employee, we have all benefited from the availability of the integrated circuit, which has become a mainstay of all electronic system composition and architecture to date ; it was invented by Jack Kilby in 1958 while working in TI's research labs.

Possibly the most well- known invention that TI is famed for is the much loved and used hand-held calculator – this was born into the 20th century in 1967. Many consumer electronics followed on in the 1970s and 1980s.

Today TI continues to be one of the most innovative companies in the world, working on extreme ideas and keeping the innovation wheel turning from the most practical to the complex and next-generation designs.

The defence side of the business was sold on to Raytheon in 1997. It acquired National Semiconductor in 2011, resulting in a combined portfolio of almost 45K products.

The markets served by TI's product range cover a wide spectrum from space, avionics and defence, to consumer and portable electronics, digital displays and video imaging. Applications include digital cameras, ultrasound systems, x-ray baggage scanners, microwave ovens, washing machines, car access systems and blood pressure monitors.

Due to the diverse range of products and applications TI offers, its components feature in almost all of Ashlea Components' customer BoMs and subsequent orders.

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Part No. Description Request
10001 CDIP Get Quote
108227-001 DIP Get Quote
1102952 Get Quote
1102954 Get Quote
125C49 DIP Get Quote
1431C SOP Get Quote
153 DIP Get Quote
1582602-40384 DIP Get Quote
18S030M/BEBJC CDIP Get Quote
1m*9SIMM3CHIP 70 N/S Get Quote
1N4936 Get Quote
2052A SOP Get Quote
21191217CAAA DIP Get Quote
221-188 DIP Get Quote
2222476-0002 DIP Get Quote
2392120-72934 DIP Get Quote
2392161-60425 DIP Get Quote
2396946-67455 DIP Get Quote
2892054/S174 DIP Get Quote
2892846/LS393 DIP Get Quote
2G106 Get Quote
2N1305 Get Quote
2N3715 TO3 Get Quote
2N3716 Get Quote
2N6050 Get Quote
2N6545 Get Quote
3007500-01 CDIP Get Quote
3008182-22 DIP Get Quote
3280621 CDIP Get Quote
32C8436 DIP Get Quote

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