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SAMSUNG Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
2209A01 DIP Get Quote
2243BW Get Quote
293D104X9035A-SAMSUN Get Quote
3F9454XZZ-DHB4 DIP Get Quote
3P8475XZZ-QZR5 QFP Get Quote
3P9434X22-DHB4 DIP Get Quote
431670-G Get Quote
432S2030H-UC60 Get Quote
62256LFP-70S Get Quote
628512LFP-7T Get Quote
628512LP-55F Get Quote
628512LTI-SL Get Quote
628512LTI-SL55 Get Quote
8016R6C-FF70 Get Quote
8016U6A-EF55 Get Quote
885-170002AA DIP Get Quote
A2206 DIP Get Quote
AH09-00096A QFP Get Quote
CESSL1C102M1020AD *** 1000UF 16V 10 X 20 P5 RADIAL 85C TAPED SG1C108M10020PA Get Quote
CESSL1E221M0812AD *** 220UF 25V 8 X 11 P5MM RADIAL 85C AMMO SG1E227M08011PG Get Quote
CESSL1E471M1016FB *** 470UF 25V EQUIV TO SG 470M25CR Get Quote
CESSL1H470M0611AD *** 47UF 50V 6.3 X 11 P5 AMMO SG1H476M6L011PA Get Quote
CESTX1C101M0611FB *** 100uf 16V (6.3X11) CROPPED (EQUIV TO RG 100M16CR) Get Quote
CESTX1C220M0511AA *** 22UF 16V EQUIV TO SAMWHA RG 22M16T Get Quote
CESTX1E221M0811AD *** 220UF 25V P5 8X11.5 TAPED (EQUIV TO RG 220M25T) Get Quote
CESTX1V470M0611AA *** 47UF 35V EQUIV TO RG 47M35T Get Quote
CESTX2A220M0811AD *** 22UF 100V 8 X 11 TAPED 105C (EQUIV TO RG 22M100T) Get Quote
CESTX2E100M1016FB *** 10UF 250V 10 X 16 CROPPED EQUIV TO RG 10M250CR Get Quote
CESTX2E220M1321FB *** 22UF 250V 12 X 20 CROPPED (EQUIV TO RG 22M250CR) Get Quote
CK32PSNS-XSA Get Quote

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