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RENESAS Electronic Components

Renesas Electronics Corporation is a specialist semiconductor manufacturer with its headquarters in Tokya, Japan. It started operation in 2010 through the integration of NEC Corporation and Renesas Technology.

Its 3 main product categories are Microcontrollers (MCUs), Analog and Power Devices, and System on Chips (SOCs).

It is the leading global microcontroller supplier, boasting the world's No. 1 market share in their design and manufacture.

It provides a wide range of system solutions for the automobile markets, consumer and industrial mobile devices, industrial equipment and digital consumer electronics.

Its extensive offering of analog and power devices, such as IGBTs, display driver ICs and microwave semiconductors provide innovative solutions to the markets it supports.

Currently Renesas is developing a wide range of products that enable ‘SMART' solutions such as low power consumption, compact size, safety and comfort and energy savings. The company's goal is to help accelerate the achievement of a future ‘smart society'.

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Part No. Description Request
1S2074H Get Quote
1S2075K Get Quote
1S2075K-E Get Quote
1S2076 Get Quote
1S2076-E Get Quote
1S2076A Get Quote
1S2076A-E Get Quote
1S2076ATA-E Get Quote
1S2076ATD-E Get Quote
1S2076ATE-E Get Quote
1S2076TD-E Get Quote
1SS106-E Get Quote
1SS119 Get Quote
1SS119-E Get Quote
1SS120 Get Quote
1SS120-E Get Quote
1SS120TD-E Get Quote
1SS120TD-E-SB Get Quote
1SS198TD Get Quote
1SS270A Get Quote
1SS270A-E Get Quote
1SS270ATA-E Get Quote
1SS270ATD-E Get Quote
1SS81 Get Quote
1SS81-E Get Quote
1SS82-E Get Quote
1SS83 Get Quote
1SS83-E Get Quote
1SS86 Get Quote
1SS86-E Get Quote

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