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PROTECH SYSTEMS Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
27-020-07010111 LVDS (EB381/PCA-LVDS-02) Get Quote
2700150000000 (WH501-FDD-573)FDD CABLE ROHS Get Quote
2700600000000 (WUSB-300) YSB CABLE ROHS Get Quote
2700610000000 5X2 PINS USB Y CABLE WITH BRACKET ROHS Get Quote
2701280000000 (WATXF-MATX-85) 20PIN ATX POWER TO 10PIN ROHS Get Quote
2701710000000 (WVGA-15-265) VGA CABLE ROHS Get Quote
2702000000000 WLVDS-100-30H20HS-18 ROHS Get Quote
2702010000000 (WLVDS-100-30H30J-AU-1) LVDS CAB-1M-ROHS Get Quote
2702010000000 (WLVDS-100-30H30J) LVDS CABLE ROHS Get Quote
2702030000000 (WLVDS-50-21J20HS) 50CM LVDS CABLE ROHS Get Quote
2702040000000 (27-020-44240121) LVDSCAB-2M-ROHS Get Quote
2702060000000 (WLVDS-50-30H20H-18) LVDS CABLE 0.5M ROHS Get Quote
2702070000000 AUO 26" ROHS LVDS CABLE FOR THE EB-471 Get Quote
2702400000000 (WCOM9M+10FX2-260) RS232+RS232 CAB ROHS Get Quote
2702530000000 (WH501-PRT/COM-260) LPT+RS232 CABLE ROHS Get Quote
2702630000000 (WLAN-10-16-230-1) LAN CABLE 10/100 ROHS Get Quote
2702630000000 (WLAN-16-16-230-1) LAN CABLE GIGA ROHS Get Quote
2702700000000 (WPS2-2-2X4-270) PS/2 CABLE ROHS Get Quote
2702800000000 (WAUDIO3H+IDE10-450-PROTECH-A) AUD ROHS Get Quote
52-201-10051200 SODIMM 144/512MB PC100/133 Get Quote
52-301-01000503 I-DOM, 44pin 512MB Get Quote
521530000000 JC-CDROM-MJ-050G1T-44 ROHS Get Quote
5220100000000 256MB PC100/133 SODIMM-144PIN ROHS Get Quote
5230100000000 (DG0010G44RK0) DOM-I-44-V-1G-ROHS Get Quote
5230100000000 I-DOM 44PIN 512MB VERT HOUS 33MM-ROHS Get Quote
5230200000000 IDC128MT-ROHS Get Quote
5249000000000 CD ROM SLIM 24XQSI SCR-242(BALCK) ROHS Get Quote
ASYBPC8080N0002 ASSY BPC8080-CM1.3G-512M-80G-ROHS Get Quote
DC-WINCE-50-PRO-OPK Windows CE 5.0 EmbedSys ESD OEI CD Pro Runtime license (labe Get Quote

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