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PANJIT Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
1.5KE16CAT/R DO 201/1500W/16V/TVS/Ax./Bi-dir. Get Quote
1.5KE33CAT/R DO 201/1500W/33V/TVS/Ax./Bi-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMC100AT/R13" SMC/1500W/100V/TVS/SMD/Uni-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMC200CAT/R7" SMC/1500W/200V/TVS/SMD/Bi-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMC220AT/R13" SMC/1500W/220V/TVS/SMD/Uni-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMC24CAT/R13" SMC/1500W/24V/TVS/SMD/Bi-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMC30AT/R13" SMC/1500W/30V/TVS/SMD/Uni-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMC36AT/R13" SMC/1500W/36V/TVS/SMD/Uni-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMC39AT/R13" SMC/1500W/39V/TVS/SMD/Uni-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMC51CAT/R7" SMC/1500W/51V/TVS/SMD/Bi-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMC68AT/R13" SMC/1500W/68V/TVS/SMD/Uni-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMC7.5AT/R13" SMC/1500W/7.5V/TVS/SMD/Uni-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMCJ15AT/R13" SMC/1500W/15V/TVS/SMD/Uni-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMCJ28AT/R7" TRANSIL UNI 1,5KW 33V SMC RoHSconf Get Quote
1.5SMCJ28CAT/R13" TRANSIL BI 1,5KW 33V SMC RoHSconf Get Quote
1.5SMCJ30CAT/R13" TRANSIL BI 1,5KW 36V SMC RoHSconf Get Quote
1.5SMCJ40AT/R13" SMC/1500W/40V/TVS/SMD/Uni-dir. Get Quote
1.5SMCJ85CAT/R13" SMC/1500W/85V/TVS/SMD/Bi-dir. Get Quote
1N4002T/R DO-41/1A/100V/Gen.Purp. Rect./Ax./SP Get Quote
1N4003T/R SI-DIODE 1A 200V DO41 RoHSconf Get Quote
1N4004T/R 1A/400V/Gen.Purp. Rect./Ax./SP Get Quote
1N4005T/R SI-DIODE 1A 600V DO41 RoHSconf Get Quote
1N4007-BRAUNT/B SI-DIODE 1A 1000V DO41 RoHSconf Get Quote
1N4007T/R SI-DIODE 1A 1000V DO41 RoHSconf Get Quote
1N4007T/R 1A/1000V/Gen.Purp. Rect./Ax./SP Get Quote
1N4148T/B SI-DIODE 0,15A 100V DO35 RoHSconf Get Quote
1N4148WT/R7" SI-DIODE 0,15A 100V SOD123 RoHSconf Get Quote
1N4148WT/R7" SOD 123/410 mW/Switching Diode/SMD Get Quote
1N4150T/R DO 35/500mW/50V/Switching Diode/Ax. Get Quote
1N4448WT/R7" SI-DIODE 0,15A 100V SOD123 RoHSconf Get Quote

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