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OUPIIN Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
2006-2X03B MINI JUMPER BLOCK 2.54MM 3 POS Get Quote
2006-2X04B MINI JUMPER BLOCK 2.54MM 4 POS Get Quote
2006-2X06B MINI JUMPER BLOCK 2.54MM 6 POS Get Quote
2006-A-BLK Get Quote
2006-BBLKB [5000/pack] BLK MINI JUMPER LK Get Quote
2006-WEBLKB Extended Jumper link With Hand Get Quote
2011-1X02G00SB [2000/pack] 1x2 way STR PIN Get Quote
2011-1X03G00SB [1000/pack] 1x3way str PIN HDR Get Quote
2011-1X05G00S/3/12.5 5 WAY G/FStr Ext Pin HDR 18MM Get Quote
2011-1X07G00SB Get Quote
2011-1X08G00SB 8 Way PIN HEADER Get Quote
2011-1X16G00SB [3000/Pk] 16Way PIN HEADER Get Quote
2011-1X3GS Get Quote
2011-1x40g00s8.7/128 40Way SNGL ROW PIN Get Quote
2011-1X40G00SB [200Pack] 40Way SNGL ROW PIN Get Quote
2011-1X40TSB [200Pack] 40Way SN PLATED HDR Get Quote
2011-2X03G00SB [2000PACK] 2X3 WAY PIN HDR Get Quote
2011-2X05G00SB 10 WAY PIN HEADER MALE STR Get Quote
2011-2X06G00SB Get Quote
2011-2X08G00SB 2X8 WAY PIN HEADER Get Quote
2011-2X25G00SB [400/PACK]2X25W HEAD AU PLATED Get Quote
2011-2X40G00SB [200Pack] Dbl Row 2X40 Way Pin Get Quote
2011-2X40TSB [000Pack] 2X40Way Dbl ROW TIN Get Quote
2011-3X32G00SB 32 X 3 PIN HEADER Get Quote
2015-2X40G00DB [500/pack] 2x40 way SMT pin Get Quote
2043-2X27G00DPU-P PCB SOCKET 2.54MM Get Quote
2044-1X10G00SA Get Quote
2044-1X6GS Get Quote
2044-2X18G00RA [96 PACK] 2X18 WAY R/A SOCKET Get Quote
2044-2X20GR Get Quote

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