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OMRON Electronic Components

Omron Corporation was established by Kazuma Tateisi in 1933. The company originated in an area of Kyoto, Japan called “Omuro” where once stood an ancient temple of the same name, and from this the name "OMRON" was derived. Kazuma Tateisi set out in business manufacturing and selling trouser presses. The once 3-employee factory is today a multi-billion dollar global leader in sensing and control components. It now employs over 37,000 employees globally.

Omron’s ranges include microswitches, relays, DIP switches and connectors. It provides a full line of advanced micro sensors, photomicrosensors, electromechanical switches and flexible PCB connectors. They are used in consumer electronics, appliances, computer peripherals, office automation products and telecom applications.

Omron’s switch range includes general and special purpose snap action, tactile key, miniature, sub-miniature, thumbwheel and DIP, allowing a variety of actuators, termination and mounting styles.

Relays include a broad range of low signal relays, MOSFET relays, power PCB relays, general purpose relays and solid state relays.

It offers a complete line of connector solutions including flat cable connectors designed to match industry standards whilst offering space savings and improving production time.

Photomicrosensors are also offered as an inexpensive alternative to electromechanical switches or photoelectric sensors. They also last much longer than electromechanical switches.

It is famed for manufacturing the very first on-line cash dispenser in 1971.

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Part No. Description Request
50114P DIP Get Quote
A6A16C Hex Switch Get Quote
A6E6104 6 pol. raised actuator tape RoHSconf Get Quote
A6S-8104 8 POL.SMT ACTUATOR raised RoHSconf Get Quote
B321000 TACT CAP 4X4 LIGHT GREY leadfr RoHSconf Get Quote
B3F1050 6x6x7.3 Print 0.98N AG RoHSconf Get Quote
B3F1052 6x6x7.3 Print 1.47N AG RoHSconf Get Quote
B3F3100 Horizontal Print 0.98N AG RoHSconf Get Quote
B3F3102 Horizontal Print 1.47N AG RoHSconf Get Quote
B3F3150 Push Switch Get Quote
B3F4000 12x12x4.3 Print 1.27N AG RoHSconf Get Quote
B3F4055 12x12x7.3 Print 2.55N AG RoHSconf Get Quote
B3FS1012 6x6x4.3 SMT/G 1.5N AG RoHSconf Get Quote
B3S-1002P Sealed Tactile Switch (SMT) Get Quote
B3S1000 6x6x4.3 SMT/G 1.57N AG RoHSconf Get Quote
B3S1002P 6x6x4.3 SMT/G 2.25N AG RoHSconf Get Quote
C6G1117PUS RELAY 12V Get Quote
D2FA Microswitch with pin, 1,5N, RA RoHSconf Get Quote
D3C1210 MICRO THT SPDT VERT 2,5mm RoHSconf Get Quote
EE-CF DIP16 Get Quote
EE-CH4 DIP16 Get Quote
EE1006A PHOTOSENSOR EE-1006 A RoHSconf Get Quote
EESV3 PHOTOSENSOR 3.4mm Transmissiv RoHSconf Get Quote
EESX1042 PHOTOSENSOR 5mm Transmissiv RoHSconf Get Quote
EESX1106 PHOTOSENSOR 3mm Transmissiv RoHSconf Get Quote
EESX1140 PHOTOSENSOR 14mm Transmissiv RoHSconf Get Quote
EESX461-P11 PHOTOSENSOR 7V 15mm RoHSconf Get Quote

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