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OKI Electronic Components

In the late 1800s Kibataro Oki was far ahead of his time. In 1881, convinced that the nation was about to enter the age of communications, he founded Meikosha, the origins of today's OKI. It manufactured the first telephone in Japan in 1881. OKI gradually transformed itself into an electronics company from the second half of 1960s into the 1970s.

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company manufacturing and selling info-telecom and printer products. Its headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, and it operates in over 120 countries around the world employing over 16,500.

Today the company specialises not only in developing and manufacturing telecommunication equipment but also in information products and mechatronics products, such as ATMs and printers. It introduced the world’s first cash-recycling ATM in 1982.

OKI Semiconductor product range includes Communication ICs, Low Power Microcontrollers, Speech LSIs, Audio and Video ICs, Security Authentication LSIs, Video Memory, MEMS/Sensors, and P2ROMTM.

OKI Semiconductor was acquired by ROHM Co., Ltd. in 2008, bringing more than thirty years of design and manufacturing experience in advanced semiconductor technology.

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Part No. Description Request
04231554AA QFP Get Quote
04813622AA QFP Get Quote
04830187AA QFP Get Quote
04837608AA SSOP Get Quote
10-96562 SOP Get Quote
16214982 TQFP Get Quote
16811P DIP Get Quote
18K0310 QFP Get Quote
1m*9SIMM3CHIP 70 N/S Get Quote
211019-04 QFP Get Quote
28-79599 SOP Get Quote
338976 DIP Get Quote
338976MMM DIP Get Quote
48S0814-0 QFP Get Quote
5075BV1.0 DIP Get Quote
5075TV1.0 DIP Get Quote
5265GS-BK Get Quote
54V25632A-10A QFP Get Quote
6242BRS Get Quote
64-322-011 PLCC Get Quote
73V012 SOP Get Quote
80C85A-HRS Get Quote
81C55-5RS Get Quote
82C54-2RS Get Quote
82C55A-2VJS Get Quote
8493286 DIP Get Quote
A02358 DIP Get Quote
A137 DIP Get Quote
A38035 DIP Get Quote
A4709 PDIP Get Quote

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