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NIPPON CHEMICON Electronic Components


We have availablility for these products.

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Part No. Description Request
EKMG250ELL471MJC5S Elko 470uF 25V 20% 105C RM5 10x12,5mm Get Quote
EKMG251ETE470MK25S Elko 47uF 250V 20% 105C RM5 12,5x25mm Get Quote
EKMG350ETD221MHB5D Elko 220uF 35V 20% 105C RM3,5 8x11,5mm Get Quote
EKMM201VSN471MP3S Elko 470uF 200V 20% 105C RM10 SNAP 22x35 Get Quote
EKMX451ELL330MM25S Elko 33uF 450V 20% 105C RM7,5 18x25mm Get Quote
EKRG500ELL471ML15S Elko 470uF 50V 20% 105C RM7,5 16x15mm Get Quote
EKXG161ELL221ML25S Elko 220uF 160V RM7,5 20% 16x25 Get Quote
EKY-500ETD271MJ20S Elko 270uF 50V 20% 105C RM5 10x20mm Get Quote
ELLA250ETD470ME11D Elko 47uF 25V 20% 85C RM2,5 5x11mm AP2k Get Quote
ELXG101VNN222MA40S Elko 2,2mF 100V 20% 105C RM10 SNP35X40 L Get Quote
ELXV350ELL152MM20S Elko 1,5mF 35V 20% 105C RM7,5 18x20mm Get Quote
ELXV500ETD181MJ20S Elko 180uF 50V 20% 105C RM5 10x20mm Get Quote
ELXV630ETD680MJ16S Elko 68uF 63V 20% 105C RM5 10x16 100% Sn Get Quote
ELXY250ELL152MK30S Elko 1500uf 25V 20% 105C RM5 12,5x30 mm Get Quote
ELXY250ELL390MEB5D Elko 39uF 25V 20% 105C RM2 5x11,5mm L Get Quote
ELXY250ETD560ME15S Elko 56uF 25V 20% 105C 5x15RM2,5 100%Sn Get Quote
ELXY350ETE681MK25S Elko 680uF 35V 20% 105C RM5 12,5x25mm L Get Quote
ELXZ100ELL392ML20S Elko 3,9mF 10V 20% 105C RM7,5 16x20mm Get Quote
ELXZ350ETD221MJC5S Elko 220uF 35V 20% 105C RM510x12,5mm L Get Quote
EMV-250ADA101MH63G Elko 100uF 25V 20% 85C 8x6,3mm Get Quote
EMVH451ARA3R3MKG5S Elko 3,3uF 450V 20% 125C 12,5x16 RB150 Get Quote
EMVK500ADA100MF55G Elko 10uF 50V 20% 105C 6,3x5,2 Get Quote
EMVK500ADA470MHA0G Elko 47uF 50V 20% 105C 8x10 RB500 Get Quote
EMVY160ADA101MH63G Elko 100uF 16V 20% 105C 8x6,3 RB1k Get Quote
EMVY160ADA470MF55G Elko 47uF 16V 20% 105C 6,3x5,2mm Get Quote
EMVY350ADA100ME55G Elko 10uF 35V 20% 105C 5x5,2mm RB1k Get Quote
ESMG401ETD3R3MJC5S Elko 3,3uF 400V 20% 85C RM5 10x12,5mm Get Quote
ESXE350ETD101MH12D Elko 100uF 35V 20% 105C RM3,5 8x12mm L Get Quote
KMG50VB2200ME1 ELKO 2,2mF 50V 20% 105C RM7,5 16x35,5 Get Quote
KMX400VB10MJ20E1 Elko 10uF 400V 20% 105 RM5 10x20mm Get Quote