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NICHICON Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
LGJ2E331MHLC *** 330UF 250V 35X20 P10MM Get Quote
LGJ2Z471MHLC *** LGJ2Z471MHLC 470UF 180V 35X20 Get Quote
LGK2D561MHSB *** 560UF 200V 20% 30X30 PC PINS 105`C Get Quote
LGQ1J332MHSA *** 3300UF 63V 25X40 105C PC PINS Get Quote
LGQ2D681MHSA *** 680UF 200V 20% 25X45 PC PINS 10MM SNAP IN 105C LOW PROFILE Get Quote
LGQ2G221MHSB 220u400VELEC Get Quote
LGU1J332MELA * 3300UF 63V 20% 25X35 PC PINS P10MM 105C SNAP-IN Get Quote
LGU1V332MELZ ELCO SNAPIN 3300F 35V 105C 3000h 10mm 22x25 Get Quote
LGU2G151MELA ELCO SNAPIN 150F 400V 105C 3000h 10mm 25x30 Get Quote
LGU2G221MELA ELCO SNAPIN 220F 400V 105C 3000h 10mm 25x40 Get Quote
LGU2G391MELC ELCO SNAPIN 390F 400V 105C 3000h 10mm 35x35 Get Quote
LGU2W470MELY ELCO SNAPIN 47F 450V 105C 3000h 10mm 20x25 Get Quote
LGU2W820MELY ELCO SNAPIN 82F 450V 105C 3000h 10mm 20x35 Get Quote
LLK2A332MHSC *** 3300UF 100V 20% 35X35 PC PIN C 10MM SNAP FIT 85C Get Quote
LLQ1H472MHSB *** 4700UF 50V 20% 30X25 PC PINS 10MM SNAP FIT 85C LOW PROFILE Get Quote
LLQ1K682MHSC *** 6800UF 80V 20% 35X40 PC PINS 10MM SNAP FIT 85C LOW PROFILE Get Quote
LLR2D152QHSCTY *** 1500UF 200V -10+30% 35X50 Get Quote
LLS1E153MHLA *** 15000UF 25V 20% 25X40 SNAP-IN P10MM Get Quote
LLS1K472MHLC *** 4700UF 80V 20% 35X30 SNAP-IN P10MM Get Quote
LLS1V682MELA * 6800UF 35V 20% 25X30 SNAP-IN P10MM Get Quote
LLS2A152MHLA *** 1500UF 100V 20% 25X30 SNAP-IN P10MM Get Quote
LLS2A472MELB * 4700UF 100V 20% 30X50 SNAP-IN P10MM Get Quote
LLS2G561MELC ELCO SNAPIN 560F 400V 85C 3000h 10mm 35x40 Get Quote
LLS2W221MELA ELCO SNAPIN 220F 450V 85C 3000h 10mm 25x40 Get Quote
LLS2W471MELC ELCO SNAPIN 470F 450V 85C 3000h 10mm 35x45 Get Quote
LNX2G222MSMG *** SCREW TERMINAL 2200UF 450V 63.5X90 Get Quote
PCG1C681MCL1GS * 680UF 16V SMD POLYMER 105C Get Quote
TVX1A101MAA *** 100UF 10V 20% 6.3X12 AXIAL Get Quote
TVX1A101MAD * 100UF 100V 20% (6.3X12) AXIAL ELECTROLYTIC Get Quote
TVX1A221MAA-15 *** AXIAL 220UF 10V 6.3X16 15MM L Get Quote

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