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NEC CORPORATION Electronic Components

NEC Corporation was established in 1899. It was originally known as Nippon Electric Company, and was renamed NEC Corporation in 1983.

It is a global provider of IT services and products to business enterprises, communications services providers and government agencies.

The company started with the production, sales and maintenance of telephones and switches, moving on to transistors then computers, until beginning the development of ICs in 1960.

Its NEC Semiconductors unit merged with Renesas Technology in April 2010, creating Renesas Electronics. It is now one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world.

Ashlea Components supply both NEC Corporation and Renesas Electronics semiconductors to their customers. Call or email or RFQ us today, to find out how competitive we are!

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Part No. Description Request
121PW181 Inverter Board Get Quote
12MF15 DO-4 Get Quote
12MF20 DO-4 Get Quote
12RH1S DO-4 Get Quote
12RH2S DO-4 Get Quote
12RH3S DO-4 Get Quote
12RH4S DO-4 Get Quote
148BT DIP Get Quote
150PW331 NEC 150PW331 inverter Get Quote
151821-0100 SOP Get Quote
15MF15 DO-4 Get Quote
17108L511 DIP Get Quote
1974 DIP Get Quote
1976 DIP Get Quote
1SV183 FET DIODE Get Quote
21-24414-03 DIP Get Quote
212441402 DIP Get Quote
2127 DIP Get Quote
21503-02 DIP Get Quote
231684105 DIP Get Quote
23C1024130-100301 DIP Get Quote
23C16013WXZ-W01 DIP Get Quote
23C4001EB DIP Get Quote
23C4001EJW-356-E2 SOP Get Quote
2401 DIP-16 Get Quote
2401 DIP-8 Get Quote
2403 DIP Get Quote
252201121 PLCC Get Quote
256KSIMM-120 256K*9 Get Quote
293D156X0010B-NEC Get Quote

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