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MITSUBISHI Electronic Components

Mitsubishi Electric has a very interesting history indeed. It started more than 125 years back as the Tsukumo Shokai Shipping Co. Its founding member, Yataro Iwasaki gradually expanded over the years, and in 1874 they changed the name to Mitsubishi Steamship Co.

The development of the company into what it is today was aided by the purchase of many other things such as coal mines and also the taking of interests in the Nagasaki shipyard. In 1890 the Japanese Government required a financial booster, and the president of the company bought some ‘worthless’ land from them. Currently that area in Tokyo is one of the most important and prestigious business districts, worth many billions of US dollars!

It went on to establish many important industries, among which was, in 1921, Mitsubishi Electric.

The logo of Mitsubishi Electric (3 diamonds in the shape of a triangle) is actually based on the family coat of arms of Yataro Iwasaki and means ‘3 diamonds’ – Mitsu meaning no. 3, and Bishi meaning diamond/stone.

When the last president died in 1945, the company underwent some radical changes and re-organisation, forming and evolving numerous separate large companies of which just 20 out of around 44 bear the name Mitsubishi. These include the Mitsubishi Bank, Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Electric. Among the companies that did not bear the Mitsubishi name are Nikon Cameras, Tokyo Marine Insurances and Asahi Glass.

Today, Mitsubishi Electric offers an extensive range of industrial, commercial and consumer electric and electronic products, renown for quality and reliability. The huge variety of products includes semiconductors, air conditioning systems, automotive equipment and commercial and industrial heating equipment and lifts escalators. The company prides itself on designing and manufacturing inspirational products – take the spiral escalator – it was developed by Mitsubishi Electric and not only is it inspiring, it also opened up entirely new possibilities in the design of public spaces. It is fun to ride on too!

One of Ashlea Components’ largest OEMs relies on Mitsubishi Electric’s semiconductors for the design of their inspiring in-car entertainment systems.

Call us today to find out how competitive we can be on your Mitsubishi Electric component purchasing.

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