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MAXIM Electronic Components

Maxim Integrated was founded in 1983 and is a designer and manufacturer of semiconductor products. It develops ICs for the automotive, communications, consumer electronics, medical, energy, industrial, computing and storage and military & aerospace markets.

Its headquarters are in San Jose, California and it has design centres, manufacturing facilities and support offices throughout the world.

Its wide range of products includes microcontrollers, real-time clocks, data converters, digital potentiometers and memory products.

Ashlea Components supplies many of Maxim’s products to a broad spectrum of customers – see how we can help you with your Maxim requirements.

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Part No. Description Request
1826-1379 DIP Get Quote
3021L1T SOP8 Get Quote
3025L1T SOP8 Get Quote
431285 Get Quote
5962-8776303LA CDIP Get Quote
7032FB SOP8 Get Quote
7705201EA DIP/M°/C.I. MAXIM ROHS Get Quote
8551401PA CDIP-8 Get Quote
AD7541KN DIP Get Quote
C00108 DIP Get Quote
C40204 SOP8 Get Quote
C70673 SOP8 Get Quote
C78091 SMD Get Quote
C80122 SOP8 Get Quote
C80124 DIP Get Quote
DG201ABJ DIP Get Quote
DG201ABK CDIP Get Quote
DG201ACJ DIP Get Quote
DG202AK CDIP Get Quote
DG211CJ DIP Get Quote
DG211CSE SO/C°/ Get Quote
DG211CSE+ Quad SPST, CMOS Analog Switch (4 NC) Get Quote
DG211DY+ Quad SPST, CMOS Analog Switch (4 NC) Get Quote
DG212CJ DIP Get Quote
DG212CSE+ Quad SPST, CMOS Analog Switch (4 NO) Get Quote
DG300ACJ DIP Get Quote
DG301ACJ Get Quote
DG301ACJ DIP Get Quote
DG303ACJ+ PDIP 14/C°/TTL Compatible CMOS Analog Switches Get Quote
DG305AAA CAN Get Quote

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