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LSI LOGIC Electronic Components


We have availablility for these products.

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Part No. Description Request
L80227I/68065A1-007 TQFP 64/I°/TX 10/100, MII Interface, 3.3v Get Quote
LFLS7166 Get Quote
LFLS7366 Get Quote
LMU08PCR-1 Get Quote
LMU8UDCR-1 40PinCeramic Get Quote
LSI53C1000R/LSA0756 PBGA 456/ U160 66Mhz PCI/SCSI Controller Get Quote
LSI53C1010-66/LSA0723-002 BGA 329/U160 66MHZ PCI SCSI Get Quote
LSI53C1010R/LSA0725 456 BGA U160 66Mhz PCI to dual channel SCSI Controller Get Quote
LSI53C320/62074A1 PBGA 272/U320 BUS EXPANDER Get Quote
LSI53C875JBE/LSB0095 Ultra PCI/SCSI Proc/incl SDMS Get Quote
LSISAS1064A4/62042E1 Get Quote
LSISAS1068/62089B2 Get Quote
LSISAS1068B1/62089B1 Get Quote
LSISAS1068EB2/62095C2 Get Quote
LSISAS3041X-RKIT/LSI00033 PCI-X, 3Gb/s, SAS, 4-port Get Quote
LSISASX36/62067A1 Get Quote
LSIU320/LSI00011 PCI-X, U320,1CH Get Quote
SAS3801EB.3/L5-25003-02B LSISAS3801E B.3/L5-25003-02B Get Quote
SASX12AA0/62084A1 Get Quote
SASX12AA1/62084B1 Get Quote
SASX12AA1/62084B2 Get Quote