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KRAH Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
FH0725150RJ FH0725=EIZ2305 150R 5% 5W RoHSconf Get Quote
FH0725470RK FH0725=EIZ2305 470R 10% 5W Get Quote
FH072547RK FH0725=EIZ2305 47R 10% 5W RoHSconf Get Quote
FH0725R15J FH0725=EIZ2305 0,15R 5% 5W leadfree Get Quote
FH073833RK FH0738=EIZ2307 33R 10% 7W leadfree Get Quote
FH0925120RK FH0925=EIZ2407 120R 10% 7W RoHSconf Get Quote
FH095018RJ FH0950 CERAMIC 18R 5% 11W RoHSconf Get Quote
FX0938R82K FX0938=EIZ1409 0,82R 10% 9W leadfree Get Quote
KFD0618100RJ KFD0618=EIZ1103 100R 5% 4W RoHSconf Get Quote
KFD061847RJ KFD0618=EIZ1103 47R 5% 4W RoHSconf Get Quote
KFD06184K7J KFD0618=EIZ1103 4,7K 5% 4W RoHSconf Get Quote
KFD0620G15RJ KFD0620G 15R 5% RoHSconf Get Quote
KFD062510RJ KFD0625=EIZ1105 10R 5% 5W leadfree Get Quote
KFD062512KK KFD0625=EIZ1105 12K 10% 5W RoHSconf Get Quote
KFD06253K3J KFD0625=EIZ1105 3,3K 5% 5W Get Quote
KFD06383K3J KFD0638=EIZ1107 3,3K 5% 7W RoHSconf Get Quote
KFD09250R2J KFD0925 0,2R 5% 7W leadfree Get Quote
KFD097533KJ KFD0975 33K 5% 17W leadfree Get Quote
SFD04162K2K SFD0416=EIZ1001 2,2K 10% 1,0W leadfree Get Quote
SFR0523P152K7K SFR0523P15 2,7K 10% 4W RoHSconf Get Quote
SFR0553P1510RK SFR0553P15=EIZ5008 10R 10% 8W leadfree Get Quote