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KEMET Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
293D106X9035D-KEMET Get Quote
293D475X0010B-KEMET Get Quote
42G3119 C530C104 Get Quote
489D226X0035M4 Get Quote
80-T491B476K010AT Get Quote
A700D127M006ATE015 Aluminium Organic Capacitor 120F 20% 6V D Case Get Quote
ALC40A101BB400 * CAP ELEC 100UF 400V 25X30 105C LONG LIFE 9000 HRS Get Quote
B45196E107M409 TANT SMD D CASE 100F 20% 4V Get Quote
B45196E1106K209 TANTALUM SMD B CASE 10F 10% 6.3V Get Quote
B45196E1106M209 TANT SMD B CASE 10F 20% 6.3V Get Quote
B45196E1225K109 TANT SMD A CASE 2.2F 10% 6.3V Get Quote
B45196E1226K309 TANTALUM SMD C CASE 22F 10% 6.3V Get Quote
B45196E1476M409 TANT SMD D CASE 47F 20% 6.3V Get Quote
B45196E1685M209 TANT SMD B CASE 6.8F 20% 6.3V Get Quote
B45196E2106K309 TANT SMD C CASE 10F 10% 10V Get Quote
B45196E2156M309 TANT SMD C CASE 15F 20% 10V Get Quote
B45196E2225K109 TANT SMD A CASE 2.2F 10% 10V Get Quote
B45196E2225M109 TANT SMD A CASE 2.2F 20% 10V Get Quote
B45196E2336K409 TANTALUM SMD D CASE 33F 10% 10V Get Quote
B45196E2475K209 TANTALUM SMD B CASE 4.7F 10% 10V Get Quote
B45196E2475M209 TANT SMD B CASE 4.7F 20% 10V Get Quote
B45196E2476M409 TANT SMD D CASE 47F 20% 10V Get Quote
B45196E2685K209 TANT SMD B CASE 6.8F 10% 10V Get Quote
B45196E3105K109 TANT SMD A CASE 1F 10% 16V Get Quote
B45196E3105M106 Tantal A Case 1,0 uF 16 V 20 % Get Quote
B45196E3106K309 TANTALUM SMD C CASE 10F 10% 16V Get Quote
B45196E3226K409 TANT SMD D CASE 22F 10% 16V Get Quote
B45196E3335K209 TANTALUM SMD B CASE 3.3F 10% 16V Get Quote
B45196E3336K409 TANTALUM SMD D CASE 33F 10% 16V Get Quote
B45196E336K309 TANT SMD C CASE 33F 10% 4V Get Quote

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