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JIANGHAI Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
ECR0JPT472MFF751625 ELCO RAD 4,7uF 6,3V 85C 4000h 7,5mm 16x25mm Get Quote
ECR1CBK471MFF501012 Elko 470uF 16V 20% 105 RM5 10x12,5mm Get Quote
ECR1CPT332MFF751625 ELCO RAD 3,3uF 16V 85C 4000h 7,5mm 16x25mm Get Quote
ECR1EGC102MCC501225 Elko 1mF 25V 20% 105 RM5 DL=4,5mm Get Quote
ECR1EGC221MFF501012 Elko 220uF 25V 20% 105C RM5 10x12,5mm Get Quote
ECR1EGC471MFF501020 Elko 470uF 25V 20% 105C RM5 10x20mm Get Quote
ECR1JGC221MCC501220 Elko 220uF 63V 20% 105C RM5 DL=4,5mm Get Quote
ECR1VBK471MFF501020 Elko 470uF 35V 20% 105C RM5 10x20mm Get Quote
ECR1VGC102MLL751620 ELCO RAD 1uF 35V 105C 10000h 7,5mm 16x20mm Get Quote
ECR1VPT472MLL751835 ELCO RAD 4,7uF 35V 85C 4000h 7,5mm 18x35,5mm Get Quote
ECR2ALL221MLL751625 Elko 220uF 100V 20% 105C RM7,5 16x25mm Get Quote
ECR2WLK220MLL751625 Elko 22uF 450V 20% 105C RM7,5 16x25mm Get Quote
ECS1HBW682MT4P23040 Elko 6,8mF 50V 20% 105C RM10 30x40 BU50 Get Quote
ECS1VBW472MT4P22525-JEB0028 Elko 4,7mF 35V 20% 105C RM10 25x25 DL=4 Get Quote
ECS2GKC221MT4P33035-JEB0298 Elko 220uF 400V 20% 105C 3pin 30x35mm Get Quote
ECS2GKC471MT4P33545-JEB0299 Elko 470uF 400V 20% 105 RM10 3pin 35x45 Get Quote
ECS2HBZ221MT6P23535 Elko 220uF 500V 20% 85C 2Pin 35x35mm Get Quote