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INTERSIL Electronic Components

Intersil Corporation is a semiconductor designer and manufacturer that was founded in 1967 by Jean Hoerni, initially to produce digital watches.

It went through a series of acquisitions, mergers and ownership with General Electric, RCA, Harris and Radiation Inc, and in 1999 was re-born as the independent company Intersil, after Harris spun-off its semiconductor division.

In the 1970s Intersil responded to the growing microprocessor market by introducing it’s 12-bit IM6100. This was the first of its kind to be produced in CMOS technology.

Intersil’s product portfolio of over 3000 include amplifiers, analog front ends, communication interfaces, data converters, potentiometers, display solutions, power management products, real time clocks and battery management ICs.

Intersil’s core focus is in the design, development and manufacturing of high-performance analog semiconductors for the communications, computing, high end consumer and industrial and infrastructure markets.

Intersil’s products can be found in devices such as desktop and notebook PCs, mobile phone, portable media players and other handheld devices. They can also be found in medical equipment, military and space electronics, industrial systems and video displays.

Intersil’s products play a big role in Ashlea Components’ component supply. Call us today for a quote!

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Part No. Description Request
16200817 DIP20 Get Quote
286A8907P14 DIP Get Quote
2N3954 METAL CAN Get Quote
3925A SMD8 Get Quote
416745R4818 SOP Get Quote
4O27-3 CDIP Get Quote
5051MJE Get Quote
8069CCBA SOP Get Quote
988754 DIP Get Quote
AD7541KN DIP Get Quote
ADC0804LCN DIP Get Quote
ATM40LN SOP Get Quote
CA3046 SOP Get Quote
CA3059 DIP Get Quote
CA3086 DIP Get Quote
CA3089E DIP Get Quote
CA3096E DIP Get Quote
CA3127E DIP Get Quote
CA3275E DIP Get Quote
CA3310E DIP Get Quote
CA8100 DIP Get Quote
CD22M3493E DIP Get Quote
CD22M3494E DIP Get Quote
CD4047BFX CDIP Get Quote
CD4067BE DIP Get Quote
CDP65C51AE2 DIP Get Quote
CDP68HC68P1E DIP Get Quote
CP80C86-2 DIP Get Quote
CP82C37A-5 DIP Get Quote
CP82C54 DIP-24 Get Quote

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