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INTEL Electronic Components

Intel Corporation is an American multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

It was founded in 1968 by two scientists - Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, who both had a vision for semiconductor memory products. It now employs over 104,000 worldwide.

Intel's first products were shift register memory and random-access memory integrated circuits. It grew to be a leader in the fiercely competitive DRAM, SRAM, and ROM markets throughout the 1970s.

During the 1970’s Intel soon become an industry standard, having introduced the world’s first microprocessor and microcomputers in 1978 and the introduction of the 8086 16-bit microprocessor.

Its product range includes Bluetooth chipsets, flash memory, microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, network interface cards, network interface controllers and integrated circuits, graphic chips, embedded processors and other devices related to communications and computing.

Intel chips power around 85% of all desktop computers.

Originally known primarily to engineers and technologists, the launch in 2006 of the world’s first quad core processor for desktop and mainstream servers, plus it’s ‘Intel Inside’ advertising campaign of the 1990s made Intel and its Pentium processor household names.

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Part No. Description Request
80C51BH-1 Get Quote
80C51BH-R7412 Get Quote
9035 SEE P8052 Get Quote
A80286-10 SMD Get Quote
A80386DX-25 Get Quote
A80386DX-25 GOOD PULLS Get Quote
A80386DX-33 GOOD PULLS Get Quote
A80386DX25 ; EOL: NO REPL. ; LTB(d/m/y):30/03/2007; LTS:28/09/2007 Get Quote
A80486DX2-50 PULLS Get Quote
A80486DX2-66 PGA PULLS Get Quote
A80486DX266 PGA Get Quote
A80486DX2SA66SX911 ; EOL: NO REPL. ; LTB(d/m/y):30/03/2007; LTS:28/09/2007 Get Quote
A80486DX4WB100SK096 ; EOL: NO REPL. ; LTB(d/m/y):30/03/2007; LTS:28/09/2007 Get Quote
A80486SX-25 PULLS Get Quote
A80486SX2-50 PGA PULLS Get Quote
A80486SX33 Get Quote
A80502-75 PGA PULLS Get Quote
A80502-90 PULLS Get Quote
A80502120 PENTIUM Get Quote
A80502133 PENTIUM Get Quote
A80502166 PENTIUM Get Quote
A80960CA-25 ; EOL: NO REPL. ; LTB(d/m/y):30/03/2007; LTS:28/09/2007 Get Quote
A80960CA16 ; EOL: NO REPL. ; LTB(d/m/y):30/03/2007; LTS:28/09/2007 Get Quote
A82258-8 Get Quote
A82496-66 PGA PULLS Get Quote
A82497-60 PGA PULLS Get Quote
AC80566UC005DESLB2C PBGA/32BIT MPU 80566UC005DE 1.10G 512KB Get Quote

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