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INFINEON Electronic Components

Infineon Technologies AG, a German semiconductor company, is a spin-off of its parent company Siemens AG. It was founded in 1999 when Siemens decided to form a separate company for it's semiconductor operations.

It offers semiconductors and systems including microcontrollers, MOSFETs, power management ICs, wireless communications products and automotive ICs. In addition it supplies chip card and security products.

Infineon products offer solutions to the consumer, industrial, medical, renewable energy, data processing and automotive industries, to name a few.

It's three focus areas are Energy Efficiency, Mobility and Security.

Infineon's semiconductor solutions offers electricity supply with low losses; their power electronics efficiently transmit energy from power station to the home.

It is a leading player in automotive electronics; 1 in every 2 new cars produced today contains Infineon's TriCore TM microcontroller. It is the world's second largest chip supplier to the automotive industry.

Security is probably at its most compromised position today than ever before, with banking and shopping transactions being made online all the more often. These convenient technologies tend to harbour new risks. Infineon's innovative semiconductor security technologies protect us ; from misuse of digital information to guarding security in the car.

Ashlea Components serve a number of OEMs in these markets, and pleased to be a supplier of Infineon products to them.

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Part No. Description Request
04830419AA SOP Get Quote
21002558AC QFP Get Quote
2N06L23 TO-252 Get Quote
4276DV TO-252 Get Quote
4N27 DIP-6 Get Quote
4N27 DIP Get Quote
4N28 DIP-6 Get Quote
6133D TO-252 Get Quote
94-2204 Get Quote
ADM5120X-AB-T-2-G BGA 324/ROUTER / AP Get Quote
ADM6995LCX-AD-T-1 MQFP 128/I°/SWITCH / PHY Get Quote
ADM6999X-A2-T-1 MQFP 128/8 PORT SWITCH Get Quote
APSF1A2C00020363 QFP Get Quote
B00017 QFP Get Quote
B00018 QFP Get Quote
B00119 QFP Get Quote
B158-H8128-X-X-7600 XC167CI Starterkit SK-XC167CI Get Quote
B158-H8576-X-0-7600 EASYKIT SK-XC866 RoHSconf Get Quote
B158-H8583-X-0-7600 XC164S/D/N STARTERKIT SK-XC164 RoHSconf Get Quote
B158-H8671-X-0-7600 SK-XC167CI-EASY KIT Get Quote
B158-H8744-X-X-7600 EASYKIT SK-XC886/888CLM RoHSconf Get Quote
B158-H8869-X-X-7600 XC164CM U CAN Start Kit RoHSconf Get Quote
B158-H8962-X-X-7600 XC164 EASYKIT V3 SK-XC164CS RoHSconf Get Quote
B158-H8990-X-X-7600 STARTERKIT SK-EB XC2287 RoHSconf Get Quote
B158-H8991-X-X-7600 STARTERKIT SK-EB XC2267 RoHSconf Get Quote
B158-H9006-X-X-7600 FOC DRIVE APPLICATION KIT RoHSconf Get Quote
B158-H9008-X-X-7600 XC800 USCALE Evaluation Kit RoHSconf Get Quote
B158-H9015-X-X-7600 STARTERKIT SK-EB XC2365 RoHSconf Get Quote
B58748 QFP Get Quote

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