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In 1957, eight staff of Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory decided to leave and form their own company, and approached Sherman Fairchild’s ‘Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation’ looking for funding.

In 1957 Fairchild Semiconductor was born. It was a pioneer in developing a method of mass-producing silicon transistors using a double diffusion technique and a chemical-etching system.

Today, their product range is made up of Power Semiconductors, Discrete Semiconductors, Analog, Logic and Optoelectronic Devices.

FSC’s wide portfolio of products serves a diverse range of markets, including automotive, computing, energy conservation, power supply, lighting and medical. It also serves the consumer markets and includes manufacturers of LCD TVs. Ashlea Components is proud to supply FSC products to one of the UKs most prestigious developers and manufacturers of technologically advanced LCD TVs.

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Part No. Description Request
02110008-03 SMD Get Quote
10000DC CDIP Get Quote
100104 Get Quote
100124DC CDIP Get Quote
100131FC Get Quote
100136DC Get Quote
100141DC Get Quote
100151DC Get Quote
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100155DC Get Quote
100160DC Get Quote
100163DC Get Quote
100166DC Get Quote
100170FC Get Quote
100171FC Get Quote
100179DC Get Quote
100181DC Get Quote
10104DC CDIP Get Quote
10109DC CDIP Get Quote
10109DCQR CDIP Get Quote
10114DC CDIP Get Quote
10117DC CDIP Get Quote
10124 Get Quote
10131DC CDIP Get Quote
10131F CDIP Get Quote
10162DC CDIP Get Quote
10174DC CDIP Get Quote
10192DC CDIP Get Quote
10231DC CDIP Get Quote
1048415 Get Quote

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