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ELNA Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
DB-5R5D104T Radial Elco 0.1F, 5.5V Get Quote
DB-5R5D105T DB 5.5V 1.0F -20+80% Get Quote
DB-5R5D224T DB 5.5V 0.22UF LOOSE Get Quote
DH-5R5D105T DHSeries 5.5V 1.0F -20+80% Get Quote
DK-6R3D104T DK 6.3V 0.1F -20/80% 13.5x9.5 Get Quote
DVC47010 470uf 10v Electrolytic Cap Get Quote
DVCR10016 DVCR 16V 100UF 20% Get Quote
DX-5R5H334U 0.33F -20+80 H-TERMINAL 11.5X5 Get Quote
DZ-2R5D105T DOUBLE LAYER CAP 2.5V 1.0F Get Quote
DZ-2R5D335T DZ-2R5D335 [12.5X23] Get Quote
LA5-50V682MS35# LA5 50V 6800uF 20% (25x40) Get Quote
LA5-80V103MS57# LA5-80V103M (35x50) Get Quote
LAH-35V103MS3# LAH 35V 103uf 30 x 35 Get Quote
LAJ-35V103MS54# Elect 35V 10,000uf 35x35 105C Get Quote
LP5-50V272MS22 LP5-50V 272MS22 (22x25) Get Quote
LP5-50V682MS35 Aluminium Elec Cap 6800UF 50V Get Quote
R2B-16V102M R2B 16V 1000UF (12.5 x 25) Get Quote
R2B-16V102MI6# R2B 16V 1000UF (12.5 x 25) Get Quote
R2B-25V101MH3# R2B 25V 100uf 20% (10x12.5) Get Quote
R2B-35V221M R2B 35V 220UF 20% (10x20) Get Quote
R2B-6V471MH3# R2B 6.3V 470uF 20% (10x12.5) Get Quote
RB2-50V2R2MX-T10 RB2 50V 2.2UF 20% T/R (5x7) Get Quote
RC2-16V100MD1# RC2 16V 10uF 20% (4X7) Get Quote
RC2-16V470ME1# RC2-16V 47uF 20% (5X7) Get Quote
RC2-50V3R3M RC2-50V 3R3M [4X7] Get Quote
RC3-10221M RC3-10V-221M (8X5) Get Quote
RC3-16V470M RC3-16V 470M [6.3X5] Get Quote
RC3-16V470M-R RC3-16V 470 MF[6.3X5] P5 Get Quote
RC3-35V470MGZ RC3 35V 47uF 20% (8x5) P2.5 Get Quote

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