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CYPRESS Electronic Components

Cypress Semiconductor is a semiconductor manufacturer and designer serving the automotive, consumer, medical, security, industrial and military markets, plus many others.

It was founded in 1982 by TJ Rodgers, formally of AMD, and initially focussed on designing and developing high speed CMOS SRAMs, EEPROMs, PAL devices and TTL logic devices.

It now delivers high-performance products including touch screen controllers, optical navigation sensors, UBS controllers and synchronous, fast, micropower and nonvolatile SRAMs along with its flagship product, the PSoC® programmable system-on-chip.

Avionics and Communication systems from both commercial and military manufacturers will use Dual port SRAMs in their products, from engine control to radar applications. Ashlea Components support 2 large military OEMs and the supply of Cypress products feature highly on the component provision to them.

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Part No. Description Request
2071ASI-571 Get Quote
2292SI-947 Get Quote
3310661000 DIP Get Quote
3311041220 SOP Get Quote
3311410020 SSOP Get Quote
5962-8871309RA CDIP Get Quote
5962-9055502LA CDIP Get Quote
62146CV30LL-55BVI Get Quote
62256LFP-70CI Get Quote
62256LFP-70CVL Get Quote
628512LFT-70CLT Get Quote
68X5888 DIP Get Quote
7C024-25AC Get Quote
7C1019CV33-12VC Get Quote
7C1020CV33-15ZCT Get Quote
7C1021V33-12VC Get Quote
7C1041CV33-15ZC Get Quote
7C1041CV33-20VC Get Quote
7C1049B-25VC Get Quote
7C128A-20VC Get Quote
7C1350F-133AC Get Quote
7C185-20VC Get Quote
7C425-20JXC Get Quote
7C65640-LFC Get Quote
93G7669 SOJ32 REELED Get Quote
CP5245BM DIP Get Quote
CP5250AM SSOP Get Quote
CP5419AMT SOP Get Quote
CP5449AM DIP Get Quote
CP5549BMT SOP Get Quote

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