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C+D TECHNOLOGIES Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
1001C Pulse Transformer 1:1 200Vus Get Quote
1025C Pulse Transformer 2:1:1, 24mH 570Vus Get Quote
1410478C Inductor 100uH 7.8A 28x20 Get Quote
1410516C Inductor 1mH 1.6A 22x14 Get Quote
1410517C Inductor 1.0mH 1.7A 22x18 Get Quote
1415440C Inductor 150uH 4A 22x14 Get Quote
1415449C Inductor 150uH 4.9A 22x18 Get Quote
1422311C Inductor 22uH 11A 22x14 Get Quote
1422435C Inductor 220uH 3.5A 22x14 Get Quote
1422455C Inductor 220uH 5.5A 28x20 Get Quote
1422514C Inductor 2.2mH 1.4A 28x20 Get Quote
1422604C Inductor 22mH 0.4A 28x20 Get Quote
1430430C Inductor 300uH 3.0A 22x14 Get Quote
1430433C Inductor 300uH 3.3A 22X18 Get Quote
1433428C Inductor 330uH 2.8A 22x14 Get Quote
1433507C Inductor 3.3mH 0.7A 22x14 Get Quote
1433510C Inductor 3.3mH 1.0A 22x18 Get Quote
1447423/4C Radial Inductor 1447423C pin length of 4.1mm +/-0.5mm Get Quote
1447423C Inductor 470uH 2.3A 22x14 Get Quote
1447440C Inductor 470uH 4.0A 28x20 Get Quote
1468362C Inductor 68uH 6.2A 22x14 Get Quote
1468373C Inductor 68uH 7.3A 22x18 Get Quote
1468431C Inductor 680uH 3.1A 28x20 Get Quote
1468505C Inductor 6.8mH 0.5A 22x14 Get Quote
17103C Radial Inductor 10uH 1.8A Get Quote
17223C Radial Inductor 22uH 1.2A Get Quote
17224C Radial Inductor 220uH 480mA Get Quote
18R104C Radial Inductor 100uH Get Quote
18R474C Radial Inductor 470uH 0.62A Get Quote
22R103C Radial Inductor 10uH 1.62A Get Quote

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