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Part No. Description Request
10000UF40VRADCAP Get Quote
1000UF16VAXIAL 021 15102 Get Quote
1000UF40VAXIAL 021 17102 Get Quote
13664102 1000uF10V 5m Get Quote
2222-021-15102 1000UF Get Quote
2222-02117102 1000UF Get Quote
222202000000 ELCAP 680UF 16V 20% Get Quote
222203028109 ELCO AX 10F 63V 85C 6x10 T & Ammo Get Quote
222203136101 ELCO AX 100F 25V 85C 6x18 T & Ammo Get Quote
222203690031 ELCO RAD 47F 50V 85C 5mm 8x11 T & Ammo Get Quote
222203738229 LTB 31.08.07 LTS 31.12.07 replaced by 222203839229 Get Quote
222203738331 LTB 31.08.07 LTS 31.12.07 replaced by 222203838331 Get Quote
222203750102 LTB 31.08.07 LTS 31.12.07 replaced by 222203850102 Get Quote
222204000000 ELKO RADIAL 68uF 63V 85 3000h 5mm 8,2x11mm T&R Get Quote
222204000000 ELCO RAD 1000F 50V 85C 3500h General miniature 5.0mm 13x25 Get Quote
222204432109 ELCO RAD 10F 200V 85C 5mm 10x16 T & Ammo Get Quote
222204631221 ELCO RAD 220F 50V 105C 5mm 12x20 T & Ammo Get Quote
222204635221 ELCO RAD 220F 16V 2000h 105C dia5 10 x 12 Taped &Reel Get Quote
222204637101 ELCO RAD 100F 40V 105C 5mm 10x12 T & Ammo Get Quote
222205000000 ELCO LARGE CAN 4700F 100V 85C 15000h Low ESR/ESL, high rip Get Quote
222205000000 ELCO L CAN 6800F 25V 85C 25x40 +/-20% Get Quote
222205000000 ELCO LARGE CAN 1500F 100V 85C 12000h High ripple current Get Quote
222205157223 ELCO L CAN 22000F 40V 85C 40x40 Get Quote
222205157472 ELCO L CAN 4700F 40V 85C 25x40 Get Quote
222205736221 ELCO SNAPIN 220F 400V 85C 30x35 Get Quote
222205857153 ELCO SNAPIN 15000F 40V 105C 35x50 Get Quote
222205858222 ELCO SNAPIN 2200F 63V 105C 30x30 Get Quote
222205859471 ELCO SNAPIN 470F 100V 105C 22x30 Get Quote
222209774101 ELCO RAD 100F 10V 85C 2.5mm 6x7 T & Ammo Get Quote
222210000000 ELCO SCREW TERMINAL 10000F 63V 85C 10000h High ripple curr Get Quote

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