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ANALOG DEVICES Electronic Components

Analog Devices Inc (ADI) was founded in 1965 by 2 students when they launched the model 101 op-amp, for use in test and measurement equipment. It became a publicly traded company in 1969. It now boasts regional headquarters, fabrication plants, testing facilities and design centres all over the world.

ADI's product portfolio includes data converters (both ADCs and DACs), precision analog microcontrollers, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMs) and sensors. Their data converters make up over 50% of their revenue.

Their ADC and DAC ICs are used in systems where an accurate signal conversion is critical, such as medical systems, scientific instrumentation and radar.

Analog Devices micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and sensors tackle performance parameters including safety and reliability in healthcare and industrial applications. They are therefore used in a number of medical applications and security systems.

One of Ashlea Components' largest OEMs is a leading designer and manufacturer of X-Ray equipment and we play a big part in the supply of Analog Device products to them.

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Part No. Description Request
AD7569KN DIP Get Quote
AD7571JN DIP Get Quote
AD7572AAN03 24 DIL Get Quote
AD7572AAQ03 CDIP Get Quote
AD7572AJN10 DIP Get Quote
AD7572BQ05 CDIP Get Quote
AD7572JN05 DIP Get Quote
AD7572JN12 DIP Get Quote
AD7572KN DIP Get Quote
AD7572LN03 DIP Get Quote
AD7574JN DIP Get Quote
AD7574KN DIP Get Quote
AD7575AQ CDIP Get Quote
AD7575BQ CDIP Get Quote
AD7575JN High speed 8BIT LC2MOS ADC, DIP-18 Get Quote
AD7576JN DIP Get Quote
AD7578BQ CDIP Get Quote
AD7578KN DIP Get Quote
AD7579JN DIP Get Quote
AD7579KN DIP Get Quote
AD7580JN DIP Get Quote
AD7580KN DIP Get Quote
AD7581JN DIP Get Quote
AD7581KN DIP Get Quote
AD7582KN DIP Get Quote
AD7590DIKN DIP Get Quote
AD7591DIKN DIP Get Quote
AD7591DITQ CDIP Get Quote

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