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ALPS Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
SKQNLBD010 TACT 6x6mm R/A L = 3.55mm F = 160g NON-WASH Get Quote
SKQRAAE010 tact, F=1.57N Get Quote
SKQTLBE010 TACT 6.9X3.5mm R/A L = 3.5mm F = 260g NON-WASH Get Quote
SKQYABE010 tact, 6.1x3.7mm, SMD, 12VDC, 50mA, 2.55N, 0.25mm travel Get Quote
SKQYAFE010 tact, 6.1x3.7mm, SMD, 12VDC, 50mA, 3.14N, 0.25mm travel Get Quote
SKQYPBE010 TACT 6x3.5mm SMD H = 2.5mm F = 260g GROUND TERM NON-WASH Get Quote
SKRAAME010 Tact Switch H=5.1mm F=1.96N Get Quote
SKRAAQE010 tact, 6.2x6.2mm, 3.43N, 12VDC, 50mA, 0.55mm travel, stem blu Get Quote
SKRBAAE010 Tact, 4.8x4.8mm, 0.55mm height, 0.2mm travel, vertical, 1.57 Get Quote
SKRELGE010 tact, With boss F=2.16N Get Quote
SKRKAEE010 Tact, 3.9x2.9mm, 50mA, 12VDC, stem 2mm, F=1.57N Get Quote
SKRMAAE010 tact, F=1.57N Get Quote
SKRMABE010 tact, F=2.54N Get Quote
SKRPABE010 Tact Switch Hard Stem F=1.57N Get Quote
SKRPACE010 TACT switch, hard stem, 2.55N force Get Quote
SKRPADE010 4.2x3.2mm Compact High Operating Force Tact Switch SMD 4N bl Get Quote
SKRWAEE030 Tact, 1.57N, 3.7mm2, low profile, 50mA, 12VDC, SMD, Get Quote
SPPB530601 General-purpose Detector Type Switch, Vertical op. for PC bo Get Quote
SPPB610400 Detector Switches Dip/Horizontal/Right Get Quote
SPPH210500 * 2 POLE PUSH SWITCH Get Quote
SPUJ191500 PUSH SWITCH 2P mom nonshort. Get Quote
SPUN190900 PUSH SWITCH 2pole-2pos mom Get Quote
SPUN191400 push switch, 2.5mm travel, 2Poles, PC Board, 0.1A, 30VDC Get Quote
SPUN191500 PUSH SWITCH 2pole-2pos latch Get Quote
SPUN194700 push switch, 2.5mm travel, 4 Poles, straight terminal, 0.1A, Get Quote
SPVF110100 Detector switch: 1 pole, snap in terminals Get Quote
SPVM110100 detector, 1mA, 5VDC, 3.5x2.8mm, 2direction press, 1pole, 1Po Get Quote
SPVM110200 detector switch, terminal housing, PC board, Get Quote

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