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ALLEGRO Electronic Components

Allegro MicroSystems Inc. develops and manufactures high-performance power and hall-effect sensor ICs.

The markets that Allegro's application solutions serve include the automotive, communications, office automation, consumer and industrial.

Their range of products include magnetic linear and angular position sensor ICs, motor driver and interface ICs, regulators, LED drivers, magnetic digital position sensor ICs and magnetic speed sensor ICs.

IC solutions which focus on motor control, regulation, and magnetic field sensing applications are developed by Allegro, and they are committed to automotive quality systems.

As a result, one of Ashlea Components' top 5 customers - one of the largest automotive solution OEMs - look to us to source their Allegro products.

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Part No. Description Request
A1104LUA-T SIP 3/A°/Continuous-Time Switch Family Get Quote
A1106EUA-T SIP 3/I°/Continuous-Time Switch Family Get Quote
A1106LUA-T Get Quote
A1106LUA-T SIP 3/A°/Continuous-Time Switch Family Get Quote
A1120ELTTR-T Get Quote
A1120EUA-T Get Quote
A1120LLHLT-T Get Quote
A1120LUA-T Get Quote
A1121ELHLT-T Get Quote
A1121EUA-T Get Quote
A1121LUA-T Get Quote
A1122ELHLX-T Get Quote
A1125ELHLT-T Get Quote
A1125LLHLT-T Get Quote
A1125LUA-T Get Quote
A1140LUA-T Get Quote
A1143EUA-T Get Quote
A1145ELHLT-T Get Quote
A1171EEWLT-P Get Quote
A1172ECGLT Get Quote
A1172ECGLT WLCSP 4/Micropower Ultra-Sensitive Hall-Effect Switch Get Quote
A1180LLH Get Quote
A1182EUA-T Get Quote
A1183EUA-T Get Quote
A1183LLHLT-T Get Quote
A1183LUA-T Get Quote
A1185LUA-T Get Quote
A1201ELHLT-T Get Quote
A1201EUA-T SIP 3/I°/Next-Generation Continuous-Time Bipolar Switch Fami Get Quote

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