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ACT Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
RV1600BBCHJPL-PF 16.00MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV1638BACSJPL-PF 16.384MHZ ACT9200 BACSJP Get Quote
RV1638BBCHJPL-PF 16.384MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV1638BBIHJPL-PF 16.384MHZ ACT9200 BBIHJP Get Quote
RV1638CBCHJPL-PF 16.384MHZ ACT9200 CBCHJP Get Quote
RV1693BACHJPL-PF 16.9344MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote
RV1843AAESEPL-PF 18.432MHZ ACT9200 AAESEP Get Quote
RV1843BACHJPL-PF 18.432MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote
RV1843BBCHJPL-PF 18.432MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV20000BBCHJPL-PF 200.00MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV2000BACHJPL-PF 20.00MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote
RV2000BAIHJPC-PF 20.00MHz ACT9200 BAIHJP Get Quote
RV2000BAIHJPL-PF 20.00MHz ACT9200 BAIHJP Get Quote
RV2000BBCHJPC-PF 20.00MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV2000BBCHJPL-PF 20.00MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV2000BBIHJPL-PF 20.00MHZ ACT9200 BBIHJP Get Quote
RV2000BFIHJPC-PF 20.00MHZ ACT9200 BFIHJP Get Quote
RV2000IBCHJPL-PF 20.00MHZ ACT9200 IBCHJP Get Quote
RV2257CACHJPL-PF 22.5792MHZ ACT9200 CACHJP Get Quote
RV2400ABIHJPL-PF 24.00MHZ ACT9200 ABIHJP Get Quote
RV2400BACHJPL-PF 24.00MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote
RV2400BAIHJPL-PF 24.00MHZ ACT9200 BAIHJP Get Quote
RV2445BBCHJPL-PF 24.454MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV2457BACHJPL-PF 24.576MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote
RV2457BBCHJPC-PF 24.576MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV2457BBCHJPL-PF 24.576MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV2457CACHJPL-PF 24.576MHZ ACT9200 CACHJP Get Quote
RV2500ABISJPL-PF 25.00MHZ ACT9200 ABISJP Get Quote
RV2500ACEHCPL-PF 25.00MHZ ACT9200 ACEHCP Get Quote
RV2500BACHJPL-PF 25.00MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote

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