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ACT Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
RV10625BBCHJPL-PF 106.25MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV10625BBCSJPL-PF 106.25MHZ ACT9200 BBCSJP Get Quote
RV1105BAIHJPL-PF 11.0592MHZ ACT9200 BAIHJP Get Quote
RV1128BACHJPL-PF 11.2896MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote
RV1128BBBHJPL-PF 11.2896MHZ ACT9200 BBBHJP Get Quote
RV1200BACHJPL-PF 12.00MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote
RV1200BBCHJPL-PF 12.00MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV12115CBBHJPL-PF 121.15625MHZ ACT9200 CBBHJP Get Quote
RV1228BACHJPL-PF 12.288MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote
RV1228BBCHJPL-PF 12.288MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV12500BBCHJPL-PF 125.00MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV12500BBISJPC-PF 125.00MHZ ACT9200 BBISJP Get Quote
RV12500BCISJPL-PF 125.00MHZ ACT9200 BCISJP Get Quote
RV12700BBEHJPC-PF 127.00MHZ ACT9200 BBEHJP Get Quote
RV12700BBEHJPL-PF 127.00MHZ ACT9200 BBEHJP Get Quote
RV13300ACEHCPL-PF 133.00MHZ ACT9200 ACEHCP Get Quote
RV13300BBCHJPC-PF 133.00MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV13300BBCHJPL-PF 133.00MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV13300CBEHEPL-PF 133.00MHZ ACT9200 CBEHEP Get Quote
RV1431BACHJPL-PF 14.31818MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote
RV1431BBCHJPC-PF 14.31818MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV1431BBCHJPL-PF 14.31818MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV1474BBCHJPL-PF 14.7456MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV15000BBCHEPL-PF 150.00MHZ ACT9200 BBCHEP Get Quote
RV1500BCCHJPL-PF 15.00MHZ ACT9200 BCCHJP Get Quote
RV1500BCCSJPL-PF 15.00MHZ ACT9200 BCCSJP Get Quote
RV15625BBCHJPL-PF 156.25MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote
RV1600AAISJPL-PF 16.00MHZ ACT9200 AAISJP Get Quote
RV1600BACHJPL-PF 16.00MHZ ACT9200 BACHJP Get Quote
RV1600BBCHJPC-PF 16.00MHZ ACT9200 BBCHJP Get Quote

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