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ACT Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
CL6400BAISJP-PF 64.00MHZ ACT1700 BAISJP Get Quote
CL6400BBESJP-PF 64.00MHZ ACT1700 BBESJP Get Quote
CL8000BAESJP-PF 80.00MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CO00011LZEXOFL-PF 110.00KHZ ACT26 Get Quote
CS12500BAESJN-PF 125.00MHZ ACT1100EX BAESJN Get Quote
CY1356IOGDAFC-PF 13.56MHZ ACT321AK Get Quote
DA0368LOEROFE-PF 3.6864MHZ ACT225SMX Get Quote
DA0368LOEVOFE-PF 3.6864MHZ ACT225SMX Get Quote
DA0400IOEROFL-PF 4.00MHZ ACT225SMX Get Quote
DA0600LOEROFE-PF 6.00MHZ ACT225SMX Get Quote
DA0600LOEROFL-PF 6.00MHZ ACT225SMX Get Quote
DA0715LOEOOFE-PF 7.15909MHZ ACT225SMX Get Quote
DA1773IKEDAFL 17.73447MHZ ACT225SMX Get Quote
DA1773IKEDAFL-PF 17.73447MHZ ACT225SMX Get Quote
DO00038GZFXOFL 38.40KHZ ACT38 Get Quote
DO00038GZFXOFL-PF 38.40KHZ ACT38 Get Quote
DO00040NZGXOFL-PF 40.00KHZ ACT38 Get Quote
E0400-C539-PF 4.00MHZ HC49/3.5MM Get Quote
EA0737LOEVOFL-PF 7.3728MHZ ACT753SMX-4 Get Quote
EA0760LOFPOFL-PF 7.60MHZ ACT753 SMX-4 Get Quote
EA0800IOEROFC-PF 8.00MHZ ACT753SMX-4 Get Quote
EA0800LOEVOFL-PF 8.00MHZ ACT753 SMX-4 Get Quote
EA0800LOGROFC-PF 8.00MHZ ACT753SMX-4 Get Quote
EA0800LOGROFL-PF 8.00MHZ ACT753SMX-4 Get Quote
EA0819LOEDAFL-PF 8.192MHZ ACT753SMX-4 Get Quote
EA0819LOGVOFL-PF 8.192MHZ ACT753SMX-4 Get Quote
EA0825LOEDAFL-PF 8.25MHZ ACT753SMX-4 Get Quote
EA0983LOEDAFL-PF 9.8304MHZ ACT753SMX-4 Get Quote
EA0983LOGROFL-PF 9.8304MHZ ACT753SMX-4 Get Quote

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