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ACT Electronic Components


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Part No. Description Request
CB0368LOEROFC-PF 3.686445MHZ ACT86LCSMX Get Quote
CB0737LVGROFL-PF 7.3728 MHZ ACT86LCSMX Get Quote
CC1600GIMTOFC-PF 16.00MHZ ACT630SMX-2 Get Quote
CF0600IKGROFC-PF 6.00MHZ ACT750 SMX-4 Get Quote
CF0600L-C1426-PF 6.00MHZ ACT750 SMX-4 Get Quote
CF1382EBEWOFC-PF 13.824MHZ ACT750 SMX-4 Get Quote
CF27125IKEWOFL-PF 27.125MHZ ACT750 SMX-4 Get Quote
CF27125L-C1362-PF 27.125MHZ ACT750 SMX-4 Get Quote
CL0184BAESJP-PF 1.8432MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CL0184BAHHJP-PF 1.8432MHZ ACT1700 BAHHJP Get Quote
CL0357BAESJP-PF 3.579545MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CL0368BAESJP-PF 3.6864MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CL0400BAESJP-PF 4.00MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CL0409BBESJN-PF 4.096MHZ ACT1700 BBESJN Get Quote
CL0491BAISJP-PF 4.9152MHZ ACT1700 BAISJP Get Quote
CL0500-C170-PF 5.00MHZ ACT1700 Get Quote
CL0524288AAESCN-PF 5.24288MHZ ACT1700 AAESCN Get Quote
CL0737BAESJP-PF 7.3728MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CL0737BAISJP-PF 7.3728MHZ ACT1700 BAISJP Get Quote
CL0737BBISEP-PF 7.3728MHZ ACT1700 BBISEP Get Quote
CL0800BAESJP-PF 8.00MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CL10000BAESJP-PF 100.00MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CL10000BBESJP-PF 100.00MHZ ACT1700 BBESJP Get Quote
CL1000BAESJP-PF 10.00MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CL1128BAESJP-PF 11.2896MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CL1200BAESJP-PF 12.00MHZ ACT1700 BAESJP Get Quote
CL1200BBESJN-PF 12.00MHZ ACT1700 BBESJN Get Quote
CL1228BBESJN-PF 12.288MHZ ACT1700 BBESJN Get Quote
CL1431BBISEP-PF 14.31818MHZ ACT1700 BBISEP Get Quote

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