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Franchised Partners


Lyontek Logo


  • We offer their complete portfolio of low power and high speed SRAMs, DDR OPI/SPI/QPI RAMs and Audio Devices.
  • Lyontek have established themselves as a major supplier to OEMS such as Sony, Nokia, Hitachi, JVC and Bosch.
  • Products manufactured to the highest standards whilst offering reliability at a competitive cost that can be cross referred from Samsung, ISSI, Cypress, BSI and many more.

JB Capacitors Logo

JB Capacitors

  • Specialized production of plastic film capacitors and Radial, SMD and Snap-in, Screw and Lug terminals aluminium electrolytic capacitors.
  • Widely used in consumer electronics, data processing, telecommunication and industrial controls equipment industry.
  • Can be cross referred to Epcos and AVX.

Rose and Bopla

Rose and Bopla

  • Been operating successfully for over 40 years.
  • Wide range of enclosures and membrane keypads
  • Most popular models include metal and plastic enclosures for hand held, desktop, consol, wall-mounted, display and DIN rail use
  • Over 25000 products available and customization available can be cross referred to Hammond, Fibox, Camden Boss and Schneider.



  • The VTX range includes:
  • Transformers – Easily cross referred from Myrra, Murata, Wurth and many more
  • Power Supplies – Linear, Switch-Mode, SMPS Modules, AC-DC + DC-DC Converters, LED Drivers – crossed referred from Traco, XP, Meanwell, Recom etc.
  • Wound Components –Coils, Inductors, Ferrite Chokes, SMT, Magnetics and Filters#


  • Solentec offer the most comprehensive range of solenoids and electromagnets from a single source
  • An extensive solenoid range that includes Linear Open frame, DC Latching, Tubular, Shotbolt, Industrial, Electro-holding Magnets and Customised Solenoids to fit a wide variety of applications.
  • Direct replacements for the BLP and PED range.