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ATMEL Electronic Components

Atmel Corporation was founded in 1984 and is a world leader in the design and manufacture of semiconductors. It is based in San Jose, California and employs 5,100 employees worldwide.

Atmel serves a wide range of industries including consumer, communications, computer networking, industrial, medical, automotive, aerospace and military, as well as being an industry leader in secure systems, notably for the smart card market.

Atmel focuses on system-level solutions built around flash microcontrollers. Their products include microcontrollers, radio frequency (RF) devices, EEPROM and flash memory devices (including DataFlash-based memory).

Atmel solutions enable customers to lead the markets they serve by creating products that are more powerful, smarter, energy efficient, lower cost and more versatile, enabling low-power and small-footprint solutions that are good for the environment. They are simple yet powerful products, that can be found in the home, car, office or factory floor.

Atmel devices make up a significant proportion of the products that Ashlea Components supply it’s customers. Call us today for a competitive quote!

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Part No. Description Request
AT27C040-12RI SOP Get Quote
AT27C040-15PC Get Quote
AT27C040-90PC DIP Get Quote
AT27C040-90PU DIP Get Quote
AT27C080-12PC DIP Get Quote
AT27C080-90PC DIP Get Quote
AT27C1024-12PC DIP Get Quote
AT27C1024-15JC PLCC Get Quote
AT27C256-25DI CDIP Get Quote
AT27C256R-12PC DIP Get Quote
AT27C256R-12PI DIP Get Quote
AT27C256R-15DC NEW/PROG Get Quote
AT27C256R-15DC CDIP Get Quote
AT27C256R-15PA DIP Get Quote
AT27C256R-15PC DIP Get Quote
AT27C256R-20DC NEW Get Quote
AT27C256R-20DC NEW/PROG Get Quote
AT27C256R-20DC CDIP Get Quote
AT27C256R-25DI CDIP Get Quote
AT27C256R-55LC LCC Get Quote
AT27C256R-70JI PLCC Get Quote
AT27C256R-70JU PLCC Get Quote
AT27C256R-90JC PLCC Get Quote
AT27C4096-12JC PLCC Get Quote
AT27C4096-12PC DIP Get Quote
AT27C4096-90PI DIP Get Quote
AT27C512R-12JC PLCC Get Quote
AT27C512R-12PC DIP Get Quote
AT27C512R-15JC PLCC Get Quote
AT27C512R-15PC DIP Get Quote

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