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Part No. Description Request
A50IF2470AA60K *** A50IF2470AA30K .047MF 250V Get Quote
A50IH3220AA60K * 0.22UF 250VDC 10% AXIAL 6.5X14 POLYESTER LOOSE Get Quote
A50IQ4150AA60K * 1.5UF 250VDC 10% AXIAL 10X28 POLYESTER LOOSE Get Quote
A50IT4470AA60K * 4.7UF 250VDC 10% AXIAL 15.5X33 POLYESTER LOOSE Get Quote
A50MF2330AA60K *** A50MF2330AA30K Get Quote
A50MH3100AA60K * 0.1UF 400VDC 10% AXIAL 6.5X14 POLYESTER LOOSE Get Quote
A50MI2470AA60K *** A50MI2470AA30K .047MF 400V Get Quote
A50MK3220AA60K * 0.22UF 400VDC 10% AXIAL 7.5X20.5 POLYESTER LOOSE Get Quote
A50MQ3470AA60K * 0.47UF 400VDC 10% AXIAL 8.5X28 POLYESTER LOOSE Get Quote
A50MQ3680AA60K * 0.68UF 400VDC 10% AXIAL 10X28 POLYESTER Get Quote
A50PK2470AA60K * 0.047UF 630VDC 10% AXIAL 6X20.5 POLYESTER LOOSE Get Quote
A50PQ3220AA60K * 0.22UF 630VDC 10% AXIAL 10X28 POLYESTER LOOSE Get Quote
A70PF1220AA00K * 2200PF 630VDC 10% AXIAL 5 X 11 POLYPROPYLENE LOOSE Get Quote
A72QK1100ZA00M * 1000PF 1000VDC 20% AXIAL 8.5X20.5 POLYPROPYLENE LOOSE Get Quote
A72QK14702602M *** A72QK14702602M .0047UF 1000V AXIAL Get Quote
A72QQ2150AA02K FA 15nF 1000Vdc 10% KP RoHSconf Get Quote
A72QT24702602M * 0.047UF 1000VDC 20% AXIAL 14X33 POLYPROPYLENE TAPE/REEL Get Quote
A72QT2470AA02K * 0.047UF 1000VDC 10% AXIAL 14X33 POLYPROPYLENE LOOSE Get Quote
A72QT3220AA02K * 0.22UF 1000VDC 10% AXIAL 19.5X33 POLYPROPYLENE LOOSE Get Quote
A72QT3220ZC00M * 0.22UF 1000VDC 20% AXIAL 20X33 POLYPROPYLENE LOOSE Get Quote
A72SK12202602M *** A72SK12202602M .0022UF 1500V AXIAL Get Quote
A72ST3100ZB00K * 0.1UF 1500VDC 10% AXIAL 22X33 POLYPROPYLENE LOOSE Get Quote
A72UT2220AA00K *** 10% AXIAL 2000V .022UF A72UT2220AA00K Get Quote
AMZ331JEF0050A FR 330pF 100Vdc 5% P5 MKT RoHSconf Get Quote
C246W4500JF01J Film Cap Metall propy 5 uF 460 V 5 % 37,5 mm pitch Get Quote
C274AC24500AA0J * POLYPROP CAP 5UF 5% 30000HRS @ 420V Get Quote
C274AC34500AA0J * POLYPROP CAP 5UF 5% 30000HRS @ 420V Get Quote
C274AC34600AA0J * POLYPROP CAP 6UF 5% 30000HRS @ 420V Get Quote
C274AC34700AA0J * MOTOR RUN CAP 7UF Get Quote
C274AC34800AA0J * 8uf 5% 30000HRS @ 420V Get Quote

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