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Part No. Description Request
A1010B-1PL68C 1200 Gate 68PLCC 15% Faster Get Quote
A1010B-2PLG68C 1200 Gate 68PLCC 25% Faster Get Quote
A1010B-PL44C Get Quote
A1010B-PL44I Get Quote
A1010B-PL68C 2000 GATE FPGA Get Quote
A1010B-PL68C Get Quote
A1010B-PLG44I 1200 Gate Industrial Part Get Quote
A1010B-PLG68CPE23 2000 gate FPGA Get Quote
A1010B-VQG80C FPGA Get Quote
A1020B-1 PLCC Get Quote
A1020B-1PL84C 2000 Gate 84PLCC 15% Faster Get Quote
A1020B-1PLG68C Get Quote
A1020B-1PLG84C Get Quote
A1020B-2PL84C Get Quote
A1020B-2PLG68C Get Quote
A1020B-PL68CPE22 2000 Gate Device in 68PLCC Get Quote
A1020B-PL68I Get Quote
A1020B-PL84C Get Quote
A1020B-PLG44C A1020B-PLG44C Get Quote
A1020B-PLG44I 2000 Gate Industrial Device Get Quote
A1020B-PLG68C 2000 Gate Device in 68PLCC Get Quote
A1020B-PQG100C 2000 Gate Device 100 Pin Flat Get Quote
A1225A-PL84C 2500 Gate Device in 84PLCC Get Quote
A1225A-PLG84C 2500 Gate Device in 84PLCC Get Quote
A1225APQ100C QFP Get Quote
A1225XL-PL84I FPGA Get Quote
A1225XL-PQ100I 2500 Gate FPGA 100QFP Ind Temp Get Quote
A1240A-PG132M 4000 Device in 132PGA MilTemp Get Quote
A1280A-CQ172B 8000 Gate 176PGA Mil Spec Get Quote
A1280A-PG176M 2000 Gate Military Temp Get Quote

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