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Part No. Description Request
RA4000IKFROFL-PF 40.00MHZ ACT533SMX-2 Get Quote
RB1228BBESJPL-PF 12.288MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB1228BDESJPL-PF 12.288MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB1300BBESJPL-PF 13.00MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB1300BDESJPL-PF 13.00MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB1431BBESJPL-PF 14.318180MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB1431BDESJPL-PF 14.318180MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB1600BBESJPL-PF 16.00HZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB1600BDESJPL-PF 16.00MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB1773BBIHJPL-PF 17.73448HZ ACT9325 BBIHJP Get Quote
RB2000BBESJPL-PF 20.00MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB2000BDESJPL-PF 20.00MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB2457BBESJPL-PF 24.576MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB2457BDESJPL-PF 24.576MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB2500BBESJPL-PF 25.00MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB2500BDESJPL-PF 25.00MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB2600BBESJPL-PF 26.00MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB2600BDESJPL-PF 26.00MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB2700BBESJPL-PF 27.00MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB2700BCIHEPL-PF 27.00MHZ ACT9325 BCIHEP Get Quote
RB2700BDESJPL-PF 27.00MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB3200BBESJPL-PF 32.00MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB3200BDESJPL-PF 32.00MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB4000BBESJPL-PF 40.00MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB4000BDESJPL-PF 40.00MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RB5000BBESJPL-PF 50.00MHZ ACT9325 BBESJP Get Quote
RB5000BDESJPL-PF 50.00MHZ ACT9325 BDESJP Get Quote
RC00003GINE-PF 32.768KHZ ACT2X6SMX Get Quote
RF00003GIHE 32.768KHZ ACT2X6LCSMX Get Quote

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