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A Worldwide Electronic Component Distributor to OEMs and CEMs

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Worldwide Electronic Component Distributor to OEMs & CEMs

As someone who knows what they need, our Account Managers know that getting what you need should be fast, easy and most importantly cost effective. That's what we do and why we started doing what we do in the first place!

Your very own dedicated Account Manager at Ashlea Components will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you achieve best prices and quality product within the tight deadline you work to.

In a recent survey, 100% of our customers said their Account Manager always deals effectively with their enquiries, and has the skills and knowledge to fulfil their purchasing needs. In fact, all of our respondents also consider Ashlea Components to be an important factor in their buying process.

In line with understanding your needs, we have developed a search engine that simplifies your sourcing and purchasing. Whether you have a complete or partial part number, our system will offer speed and accuracy in searching for the product you require.

You will be contacted by your Account Manager to discuss your requirement and receive your quote back within an agreed and prompt manner.

At Ashlea Components, the only surprise
you'll get is a NICE one!